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Who is Spotlight Photographics?

Spotlight Photographics is the leader in providing youth sports photographers with amazing and easy to use Adobe Photoshop PSD Sports templates.  We are constantly thinking of new products and designs that will help sports photographers improve photo sales and drive new business to their companies!   Spotlight Photographics has been in business since 2005 and after 10 years has grown to a worldwide provider of Photoshop templates to almost every corner of the earth!

Spotlight was born on the concept of making products that sell and are as equally impressive.  We have and always will stay true to that founding concept to ensure the success of every template that we create.  We have one simple motto when creating artwork to provide our customers....

"If it doesn't sell, we don't make it"

All of the products that you see in our catalog has already gone through market research and sales testing to ensure we have it right!  You can always be sure that whatever designs and products you sell from the Spotlight library they will always be a success for you and your customers!

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